Monday, August 1, 2011

Thanks again!

Thanks again to everyone who's purchased my apps!  July was a great month in that we almost hit 3 sales per day!

Very exciting :)

What's new from July?  Added some new floss types to Floss Checklist.  Also added a Canvas Size Calculator.

I've also begun work on my 3rd app.  This one is geared more towards people with special needs.  I'm writing it to help my autistic daughter communicate with us through pictures and simple words.  I'll have more info later.  I may be 1 or 2 weeks from release yet unless I hit a really solid period of uninterrupted development.

Anyway, thanks again everyone!  Remember:  Keep those feature suggestion emails coming!


  1. TY for your work on a communication tool! We've been fortunate that our sons were verbal, you can change your child's (and others') world!

    Any chance of adding machine embroidery threads? (Especially Isacord!)

  2. Hi Ila! I greatly overestimated my progress on the communication helper app so it's basically on hold for now. It's still in the pipeline, but there are other apps I can finish up in the meantime, such as fabric inventory.

    As for the threads, I'll definitely look into it! Do you know of a list online anywhere that I can draw from? If so, email me at!

    Thanks again :)