Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Show of good faith!

Had a few problems getting my new PC setup for app development, but that's all behind me now.  As a show of good faith for all the stuff I need to do, I've added the Isacord flosses to Floss Checklist and uploaded it.  This is also a bit of a test to make sure my PC signs the updated apps correctly.  :)

Also, let me outline what I have on the horizon for the apps (in no particular order):

Floss Checklist 

  • Valdani
  • Rainbow Gallery
  • Caron Collection snow
  • DMC Perle 8, 12
  • Anchor Ritorto Fiorentino 8, 12
  • DMC Retors d'Alsace 5, 8, 12
Yarn Inventory
  • Email printable list to yourself.
Stitcher's Helper
  • Project/shopping list money totals.
  • A way to measure how long a project took.
  • Backup SH to SD Card (duh...  why didn't I think of this before).
Bead Checklist
  • Add more Miyuki bead types. 

So, over the next coming days/weeks I hope to have all of this done.  My weekends coming up are rather full sadly, so dev time may be a bit sparse.

Also, despite 20 or so purchases I still haven't gotten any feedback for Communication Helper.  I was really hoping folks would get in touch with me with feedback.  Anyway, if you're out there, email me!  I want to know how your experience has been so far!

Last bit of trivia, my plan is to make a game app before 2012 is over.

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