Friday, November 2, 2012

Floss Checklist now on Amazon Appstore!

I finally caved and listed it.  :)

Floss Checklist

I'll be working on getting my other apps listed shortly.  Enjoy!


  1. Hi.

    I tried to send an e-mail, but it got returned.

    When I was adding threads I own I noticed that a couple of colors for
    Rainbow Gallery Petite Treasure Braid are missing in your app. These are
    the colors missing for this perticular thread:
    PB10 White Pearl
    PH10 White Pearl

    Shimmer Colors
    PB201 Yellow
    PB202 Peach
    PB203 Seafoam
    PB204 Blue
    PB205 Amethyst
    PB206 Pink
    PB207 Ecru
    PB208 Lemon Mist
    PB209 Pink Carnation

    PB300 White Pearl Glow in the Dark


    I have to say I really like your app beacause it has all the speciality
    thread, but I can't get myself to delete the Cross Stitch Thread Companion
    because the need vs inventory function for that app is a lot better. It
    gives you the possibility to specify how many skeens you need of a thread,
    which is often useful, and when you decrease the amounts in your shopping
    list, the number in your inventory automatically increases. I tried to talk
    to the developer and they were not willing to add all the Rainbow Gallery
    Threads because they often can't be converted to a DMC color. Currently
    neither app has the functionality that I would like, but both have one
    feature that I like. The result is that I use your app for all other
    threads than DMC and the Thread Companion for keeping track of DMC threads
    which is not the best solution.

  2. Will this ever be available for iPhone and iPad?

  3. While I like this app very much, I would really appreciate an update. I was putting in my Weeks Dye Works and there are several missing. Thank you so much.

  4. Please please PLEASE add the Stitcher's Helper to the Kindle Apps store! I just downloaded and began using the Floss Checker and have been totally mystified when told that "55 records were Exported" without a clue where!

    I have a small floss stash at present but it's only going to get bigger and the Kindle is my only mobile device. The Shopping list and inventory functions are fabulous.

  5. In the Bead Organizer, can you please add Mill Hill Treasurers? Thanks