Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Picture Communication Helper app update

The plan was to write a fabric inventory app next.  Then after that I'd finish up my Picture Communication Helper app.  However, I may be writing PCH first.  I have a meeting coming up with an administrator for my counties special ed. department to see what the existing software looks like.

I'm writing this app for two reasons really.  One is the labor of love aspect.  My step-daughter is moderately to severely on the autistic spectrum and with that mostly non-verbal.  Communication around here is difficult.  Most of the time things are ok, but when communication breaks down things go south quickly.  Two is the maddening prices for software in this area.  Companies charge thousands of dollars for their software.  Don't get me wrong, business is business and all, but it just feels wrong.  60 days worth of therapy for our daughter might come out to something like $80,000 as it is.  If I can provide an app for $3-5 that helps even a handful of special needs parents/guardians/etc then I'll consider this a huge win.

More details soon. Maybe. I'm not a very good blogger. :)

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