Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Yarn Inventory updated to 1.1.02

Added the Import/Export functionality!  Now you can export your yarn/template list and have a backup in case your phone dies or is replaced.  There are 2 options for exporting, but they both work the same way.  You can choose to simply export to your SD card, or export via email.  Exporting to your SD card simply puts the backup file on your SD card.  Export via email puts the backup file on your SD card and then opens an email interface so you can email it to yourself and never lose it!

If you ever need to import your data back, simply put the file on the root directory of your SD card and then tap the import button!

However, I apologize, but I cannot field any support emails asking how to put the file on your particular SD card.  There are many phones and many more phone software setups so I can't possibly know how it works in your case.  Usually though you simply plug your phone into your computer via USB and then access your SD card via the removable storage your phone should expose to Windows.  No promises though, that's just how my and my wife's phone works.

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